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Intelligent Automated Communication

About Us

Talk Bots, created by Talk Communications for customer interaction, are virtual support systems that operate based on artificial intelligence (AI) and deliver fast and efficient collaboration at a cost up to eight times less than traditional (human) support. With more than 15 years in the market, Talk Bots is one of the main suppliers of technology in computer telephony and is distinguished by the great flexibility in the conception of tailored products and services for several companies, of the most diverse sectors and sizes of economy including marketing and sales, collections, credit recovery, call centers, card operators, and customer service, among others.

With physical offices in:

In addition to international online support.

Our Advantages

Cost reduction
Compared to traditional human support systems, cost savings can reach up to 8x.

24/7 Support
Always on and ready to lend a hand, 24/7 support, at no extra cost.

Multiple calls can be answered by text or voice.

Talk Bots adapt itself to your needs, with active or receptive support.

The system allows the recording of all video and audio calls made.

Management / Monitoring
All this in an online platform that allows the visualization of reports of all the calls.

Case Studies


Expertise in integrating legacy systems

API/Screen emulation – RPA / Salesforce

Operational Capacity

Capacity to handle more than 10 million calls per day

Grammar Design

Grammar construction of a complex sentence


Cost-effective Compared to the competition

Private Technology

We developed our own technology, not relying on standard solutions

Practical Applications

Start revolutionizing your company's communication now!

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